Character name is... Usagi Tsukino

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Biography Edit

Usagi Tsukino is a clumsy and ditzy teen who can turn in to Sailor Moon to save the day with the sailor senshi . Whenever she is in trouble , Tuxedo Mask throws his rose and comes to her rescue. 

Usagi's school life  Edit

Usagi Tsukino is always bad on her grades . She has lots of school friends.  At home , she is usually eating . In the episode Computer Blues,  she has a dream .  When she woke up , Usagi pooped on her bed. She had no idea what to do with it,  so she threw it out of the window. Usagi Tsukino likes to dream about Tuxedo Mask. She also likes pooping on her bed because she doesn't like like the stinky toilet.


Usagi's English name is Serena .

She usually cries for no reason.

She likes eating anything.

When Usagi poops on the bed, she usually blames Luna .

Usagi dislikes Rei because she is stinky and dumb.